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Top 10 Drummers

11/21/2014 |

Rolling Stones proclaims them to be “the best drummers of all time.” Read More

The Perfect Practice Space

11/20/2014 |

Sometimes the creative personality is stereotyped as an unstable, disheveled and disorganized individual. Read More

Importance of Music Subject in Current Education System

06/10/2014 | 1

Music is an important component in human being’s life. Read More

Stereo Heads for Cars

10/18/2013 |

Driving a car is not always a pleasant experience especially as you drive home after a very tiring day at work. Listening to a great sound as you drive along, can bring a breath of life, and a fresh and relaxing perspective. Read More

Tips for Producing Acoustic Music

08/25/2013 |

Music makes the soul thrive and motivates so many people. No matter the mood one is in, there is always a song that can be related to and motivated upon. However, are you tired of being motivated or relating to music artists and ready to begin putting yourself out there – producing your own music? It might be a tiring process, but as an artist just beginning, you will need to learn an acoustic approach.  Read More

How to find the music of your choice online?

08/22/2013 |

There is no doubt that social media has revolutionized the music industry. Not only is it a platform where established artists market themselves and newer artists get a chance to showcase their talent. Social network sites allow musicians to bring fans closer and respond to their requests. Artists even use social platforms to promote their music. Read More