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Importance of Music Subject in Current Education System

06/10/2014 |

Music is an important component in human being’s life. Read More

Stereo Heads for Cars

10/18/2013 |

Driving a car is not always a pleasant experience especially as you drive home after a very tiring day at work. Listening to a great sound as you drive along, can bring a breath of life, and a fresh and relaxing perspective. Read More

Tips for Producing Acoustic Music

08/25/2013 |

Music makes the soul thrive and motivates so many people. No matter the mood one is in, there is always a song that can be related to and motivated upon. However, are you tired of being motivated or relating to music artists and ready to begin putting yourself out there – producing your own music? It might be a tiring process, but as an artist just beginning, you will need to learn an acoustic approach.  Read More

How to find the music of your choice online?

08/22/2013 |

There is no doubt that social media has revolutionized the music industry. Not only is it a platform where established artists market themselves and newer artists get a chance to showcase their talent. Social network sites allow musicians to bring fans closer and respond to their requests. Artists even use social platforms to promote their music. Read More

How to Play Mandolin: Information and Guidance for Beginners

07/11/2013 |

If you are a music enthusiast wondering how to play mandolin, but are not sure how to proceed, this post will help you a lot. This post provides guidance to those who want to start learning mandolin. So taking out a few minutes to read this article is recommendable. Read More

Taking a Break from Music

06/18/2013 |

If you have been continuously working full time as a musician to earn a living for extended periods of time without taking a break or taking some vacation time off in order to get some rest and relaxation, then even though you may love music, it may become monotonous, boring, and a source of stress instead of pleasure. Read More