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Online Mixing |

Online MixingOnline mixing is the perfect solution for newcomers and artists with low budget.

Thanks to the internet it‘s possible to get the perfect sound to your musical ideas and recordings for low budget.

It doesn‘t matter if you recorded your music in an expensive recording studio or in your home studio:
If you are an unexperienced mixing engineer and don‘t want to use online mixing services, it‘s almost impossible to get airplays in radiostations or TV as well as record deals with labels or building a fan base.

Our online mixing service can help you to get the maximum out of your music project.

Simply contact us in our online mixing studio!

What are we doing with your music project at our online mixing studio?

  • We give your song more room (ambience) and more depth with reverbs and delays.
  • We widen your music project in the stereo field to win more space to important elements.
  • Finally we clean your tracks from possible noises, compress and eq them.

Online mixing procedure:

1.) Export each track as WAV or AIFF 48kHz oder 44,1kHz – 24bit or 16bit
IMPORTANT: without maximizer, limiter, compressor or other dynamics effects!

2.) Upload your tracks to our FTP Server or send them on DVD.

3.) Send us a reference song for comparison.

4.) Send us some toughts or ideas about your desired sound.

5.) You get a mixdown directly form the online mixing studio for improvements.

5.) Finally you get your mixdown.