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Music Tips - 10 Important Things A Musician Should Avoid |

  • On 05/09/2011

I wrote 10 important Music Tips a musician should do and a whole lot of more things he should avoid.Like everything in this world, there are Dos and Don’ts in the music industry.

It is necessary for a musician to learn some of these dos and don’ts if they want to be successful in their career.

Music Tips

  1. Stress. Yes, stress! Stress causes fatigue and fatigue is a no-no for a musician because your voice could be affected, secondly, it can block your mind and hinder you from being creative, lastly, you can not function very well and this means you can not produce and process things normally.
  2. Procrastinating. This here is very important; a musician is all about inspirations to work from and procrastinating is not a very good habit to have when you suddenly get inspired to produce songs.
  3. Drinking and Smoking. Smoking and drinking are vices in life that are easily avoidable and everybody knows that these two are big trouble. Smoking could cause a musician his voice, same goes with drinking. If you are dreaming of becoming a great artist then to retain your voice means you should never smoke and drink.
  4. Not setting goals. Goals are what motivate people to drive them to wherever or whatever they want to achieve. And by not setting goals you are asking for a career suicide.
  5. Not having priorities. If you have a family and you think music is your number one priority then you are wrong. Music will not run away from you, but family might. So avoiding having priorities is a big misstep in an artist’s life.
  6. Doing music because it’s available. Music is available to anyone but not everyone can make music. Doing it because its there is not a good motivator. If you want to make REAL music then you should be passionate about it.
  7. Not doing anything to become known. If you are an indie or underground musician you should start working on getting yourself popular, every famous musician was unknown. Applying for gigs is one good way of promoting yourself.
  8. Using other’s creativity.In other words plagiarizing. That is the biggest no-no in the music industry. It is disgraceful to pirate someone else’s work.
  9. Time constraint. A musician should always give time to music. If you want to be successful in the music industry and you are passionate about music then time is not an issue for you because you will use whatever time you have to creating songs.
  10. Giving up. No matter how many trials and errors or how many unsuccessful song you have made, if you are a true musician you will never give up instead you will strive to create a name for yourself and a genre of your own.

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