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Music Marketing Manifesto Review - | Music Blog

  • On 05/05/2011

Opportunities in life come and go and sometimes those opportunities that we have ignored might have been the stepping stone for our careers.A lot of people make a pass on chances that could have actually catapulted them to success for the fear of failing, but in the music industry failing is something to be used as a catalyst to accomplishment.

When a musician fails he doesn’t just quit, he strives to find other ways to promote his creations, to mold himself into a better artist and make catchier and livelier songs.

One man understood these setbacks of music marketing; he is John Oszajca, a singer-songwriter, being a musician himself he understood what it felt to do underground and self-produce songs.

With this in his mind he created an ebook entitled “Music Marketing Manifesto”, which is a downloadable book or course obviously covering the subject of music marketing.

It teaches you the basics of promoting songs online and make money.

Music Marketing Manifesto gives an artist a step-by-step procedure on how to market songs online.
Basically it helps unsigned artists to generate income from their musical creations, decreasing the amount of cost and increasing the results.

It gives the reader a unique view on music marketing with a musical slant to it.

In this book author John Oszajca teaches you how to attract potential buyers through internet traffic.

It actually teaches one to use famous social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

This book takes advantage of these networks to advertise the song/creation you have made.
Through those well-known social sites not only will you potentially get buyers, but you might also make some fans that will buy any future works you might make.

Music Marketing Manifesto also has something they call Joint-Venture, what means when you basically form a partnership with maybe a fellow musician or businessman and help advertise/promote each other.

This is a wise way of gaining buyers and more fans.

There is also one last topic that I must discuss; in the book it talks about the use of e-mail.
Electronic mail has been one of the longest running operation in the web up to know and is still one of the most popular way of communication and marketing (no big surprises there), the book gives you an overview of taking advantage of this type of marketing.

Will it actually help you promote your song online? Yes.

Music Marketing Manifesto works but it cannot guarantee that you might actually sell large quantities of albums overnight, but it sure can help you put a firm grip on how to market your song.

If you are new to online marketing and want to learn more about it, buy the book.

It is innovative and ground-breaking in ways of helping aspiring artist to earn money from what they are passionate about, and that is music.

Click here to learn more about Music Marketing Manifesto!

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