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Licensing Music For Games |

  • On 03/14/2011

Avoid hassles and learn more about licensing music for games.It’s hard to imagine playing your favorite game without background music or sound effects. Music is an important element in any game as it enhances every gamer’s experience.

Recently, this aspect of games has come to the forefront (and it continues to grow faster).
Some video games today even revolve around music (e.g. Guitar Hero).
In Japan, game music has been selling for years and now the western market is catching up.

The choice of music that will best fit a game is essential to success.
To ensure this, game developers now have many choices in procuring music including enlisting the services of music composers and even pop artists.

When it comes to licensing music for games, the procurement process is very much similar to that of getting a license for music in film and TV. When using pre-existing music, licensing music for games will also depend much on the intended use and/or purpose. Here is a great resource for pre-cleared music.

There are two ways of licensing music for games. First, the synchronization license, is a right allowing the license holder to re-record music by synchronizing it to a visual, in this case to the game graphics. The second kind of license is the master use license that includes the right to use the recording of a song.

When licensing music for video games, artists should take note that they will most probably be dealing with the game developer. The developer, in turn, will also likely sign both a master use and a sync license to allow the game distributor place the game in stores.

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