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Importance of Music in Education

Music Education - Source: Wikipedia

Music is an important component in human being’s life.

It shows achievement of something in life, just the same way walking and talking does. It also distinguishes us from other creations, and more so, it is a beautiful and sweet thing to the ears of many.  There are diverse reasons why people sing, not mentioning also the diverse genres of music that exist. People sing while they are happy and in times of celebrations.

They also sing during the times they are mourning and while sad. This is because music brings out the inner feelings and emotions of people in terms of sweet melody and well arranged words. Having known all that, many people therefore aspire to sing for all the reasons in the world, and it is this reason and more that has prompted many countries all over the world to introduce music subject in their education systems. This would help give a chance to grow the inner desire to express innate emotions on every child as early as possible.

I have never come across a single person who hates singing or songs in particular. This I therefore presume is an indication that we are and were all meant to be able to sing, in the same way we were made able to speak. There are therefore many reasons why music is good in people life, one being that music makes people rich, happy, entertains and dozens more reasons. In this article I will not talk about the negative side of music, or the disadvantages of music in people’s lives, since I only wish to focus on the winning side, and also due to the fact that when a weighing balance is brought to measure the bad and the good of music, the good shall always win, since the negative points are very minor. All the same, anything that has a good has a bad too, and this is as real as the setting and rising of the sun.

In the current education system, music subject has been included, although a certain group of people cannot understand why so. Music as mentioned above brings out the most innate feelings of people. Subjecting students to the topic will help them learn to express themselves wholly. It also will help them to broaden their creativity and mentalities, since music requires both in order to be able to play a set or a song.

Music also enables students to freely make correct choices in their education, since it is all about the personality and nothing like force. It grows students’ level of concentration, which is slowly transferred to other subjects. This in turn leads to better performance and hence improved grades and overall education performance. Music is fun and makes people laugh often or as much as it would allow. This then builds joy amongst students, hence contributing to better relationships and unity, and eventually loves in the learning institution. Over that, we can therefore freely say that music unifies people.

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  1. Yes as all of the other subjects are taken into the consideration in the education system.Music is also the best subject to be included in the current education system.It is well said that “When the words fail,music speaks…” Thus the students also will understand and feel the music and will learn in a very good,it is good to include the music as a subject…Great written Mr.Daniel

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