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How to Play Mandolin: Information and Guidance for Beginners |

  • On 07/11/2013

If you are a music enthusiast wondering how to play mandolin, but are not sure how to proceed, this post will help you a lot. This post provides guidance to those who want to start learning mandolin. So taking out a few minutes to read this article is recommendable.

Introduction to Mandolin

Mandolin is a musical instrument in the lute family. It commonly has four double courses of metal strings which are plucked with a plectrum. Unlike bowed note on a violin, mandolin notes decay to silence. Because of its small size and high pitch, its notes decay faster than other larger instruments like guitar. However, the technique of rapid picking of one or more pairs of strings, also called “tremolo,” can create sustained notes or chords. Mandolin has a cross cultural acceptance and is played in many countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, India, Venezuela, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, the continental Europe, etc. As such, many versions of mandolin have been developed and used worldwide.

Basic knowledge

It’s a good choice to learn playing mandolin. To learn playing mandolin, you first need to have some basic knowledge of music. This helps you understand the different notes and chords that can be played with mandolin. This is why it is important where you learn from. Whether you learn personally from a teacher or you learn yourself from a course – they should be good. Learning any instrument starts with an introduction to it. The same is with Mandolin. No matter where or which course you learn from, first of all, you will be introduced to its different parts and their importance or functions. Mandolin has parts mostly similar to guitar like strings, bridge, fret board, tuners, etc. So if you already know playing guitar, it would be easier for you to learn playing mandolin.


To opt for a good course is very important for a good start. It depends a lot on how the course is designed and what is included in it. The better the start, the better you will play later – and all this depends on the quality of course and/or instructor. You can learn personally from a good mandolin teacher or if this is not suitable to you, you can opt for other types of courses available. Nowadays, there are many types of mandolin courses available that are either full courses or include some songs. You can opt for sheet lessons, audio lessons, video lessons, etc. and learn at your convenience. You can also get mandolin lessons in a DVD set or in a downloadable form online.

Patience and Perseverance

To learn any musical instrument, especially a stringed musical instrument like mandolin, you need patience. You need to dedicate time to learn such musical instruments like mandolin. You need to understand that you can’t learn them overnight. It’s only some guidance and a lot of regular practice that can provide you mastery over mandolin. There will come a time when you will feel defeated and will feel that you won’t be able to make it. However, you just need to stick to practice and once you cross that stage, you will be glad that you did persevere. If you love music and want to learn mandolin, you definitely can.

Wish you all the best with learning mandolin!

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