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How to license Music |

How to License Music
  • On 02/18/2011

Getting a license for music is a vital process each and every artist must undertake. How to license music should be a question every artist should ask as it can make or break their career.A license ensures that an artist’s creation truly remains as his own. This is extremely important not only for the already popular music but is equally vital for those of the struggling artist. In this way, no one else will be able to use and/or distribute his work without his explicit permission.

Several things can be subject to copyright including the sound recording or the actual sound, the notes used to play a song and the lyrics for the song. The sound recording could be owned by a label. This is especially the case when the song is performed or recorded in the label’s studio. The composer owns the notes and the songwriter owns the lyrics although a publisher may represent these two in business dealings.

The process on how to license music is very much dependent on the copyright office. Basically, a copy of the musical piece, a duly filled out registration form and the required fees are all that’s needed to have a copyright. Technically though, a copyright is not necessary when we talk about ownership. If you made it, then you own it. However, a certification, which is the copyright, is essential especially if you want to enforce your rights in the courts. In this case, anyone caught and/or proven to infringe on your rights shall be subjected to penalties.

A copyrighted material also ensures the creators of the work that they will get paid. Music licensing provides a way through which rights for musical pieces, such as a song, can be passed from the creator to others. This, of course, comes with a price. Now you see why getting musical pieces copyrighted is very important. The money the creators put in, in terms of fees, for example, could be regained. Specially with the more popular pieces, this buying and selling of copyrights spell out more income.


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