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How to improve your music career |

As a musician, your career means everything to you. That is because, if you stay anonymous, then you won’t be able to earn a cent from your work which might work hundreds, or millions of dollars. It is important to know some steps and tricks to improve your music career. 

New artists, new musicians need the most promoting done and the most presenting done because they need to get themselves popular. For musicians who’ve been out there for a couple of years – if nobody ever noticed you it’s either because your music is poor or because you didn’t even try to build a career from it.

YouTube is a great launching pad sometimes. I am saying sometimes, because it takes more than just creating a couple of videos and uploading them. As a musician, it is recommended to create a YouTube channel and then have your videos uploaded there. Normally, some people would notice that, but you can use some easy tricks to spread the news. However, you should be aware of a couple of things. First of all, you should never believe that a successful or a great YouTube video can be recorded in a day or two. That is so wrong! Sometimes great videos might take months or years! But it does worth the efforts, trust me. Think of it as this: what’s the difference between a rushed video and a video into which you invested all of your efforts? There is one difference and that is the quality. Only your efforts and hard work will ever make a quality video, while rush and trying to do things faster than you actually could will only turn it into an average video or a poor quality video. Since people always remember poor quality videos, you should never target that level or that attitude. Then you can spread the news on forums and social media likewise – it does work well if you promote yourself! And another great option – create a Facebook page as an artist and post your videos there as well! It’s worth a shot!

Another great thing, which is also not too expensive (the above presented options are cost-free as of the moment), is having your own website as an artist. Your website can embed all of your YouTube videos, your Facebook page link and other contact details if you want. However, beware of sharing your email address – if you end up being successful, you’ll receive from 100 to 100.000 emails every day and you won’t be able to handle that! Your website should also talk about you – who you are, what led you to the music career and who helped you in the process, what are your plans and goals as a musician and so on. You can also add photos, concert dates, tour dates – let’s hope you can get there as others did!

Choosing a manager is also important. A musician’s image depends on the manager. A bad choice leads to no success whatsoever. There are other great platforms, such as Spotify. Music from all artists is accepted on Spotify and it’s a great way to promote yourself easily, because a lot of people listen to the songs on spotify!

To reach a conclusion: the above presented things are the lowest cost methods to improve your music career!

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