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Create Beats - like the Pros |

Create Beats – like the Pros
  • On 02/10/2011

Creating rap beats in the music business can be very profitable. Many hip hop producers are making a lot money with their beats.So the question is, how do you create beats you can sell?

The first thing that up and coming beat makers must realize is, that when it comes to making beats, quality is the key.

More than once I heard the new beats from producers who have great potential to be a real cracker, but the their quality was terrible.
Having a quality sound should be your top priority – not to be confused with a good sound in your beats with good quality.

So when getting ready to create beats you must be armed with beat making equipment that will produce high quality beats.

It would be a good idea to see with different types of equipment and software to what feels most comfortable working with it.
This will make it easier to create rap beats being able to use beat making tools that you know.
Many music producers, only use certain parts of their equipment to produce their beats.

Before you start creating a rap beat get inspired.
Be open to ideas from the sounds around you such as television, video games, radio, or whatever music sources can be used for inspiration.
You may be surprised what great ideas you can get from these simple things.
There were tons Top Charts beats that were inspired by a video game or a jingle, which was heard on a TV commercial.

Using a sampler is a great idea.
Sampling has become a common technique for many of today’s most well known rap beat makers.

Try to develop your own style.
Having your own style can set you apart from every other beat producer

Get your beats mastered by a mastering studio.
This goes with the earlier statement of creating quality rap beats.
Your rap beat should sound good enough to be on the radio or TV.

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