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5 Biggest Mistakes Musicians Make

02/03/2015 |

Get a Grip

Like it or not, record labels, publishers, and agents all treat music as a business. Being in business means bearing risk and people who bear risk expect predictable returns that justify their efforts. Read More

Tips for Producing Acoustic Music

08/25/2013 | 1

Music makes the soul thrive and motivates so many people. No matter the mood one is in, there is always a song that can be related to and motivated upon. However, are you tired of being motivated or relating to music artists and ready to begin putting yourself out there – producing your own music? It might be a tiring process, but as an artist just beginning, you will need to learn an acoustic approach.  Read More

How to Play Mandolin: Information and Guidance for Beginners

07/11/2013 |

If you are a music enthusiast wondering how to play mandolin, but are not sure how to proceed, this post will help you a lot. This post provides guidance to those who want to start learning mandolin. So taking out a few minutes to read this article is recommendable. Read More

Taking a Break from Music

06/18/2013 |

If you have been continuously working full time as a musician to earn a living for extended periods of time without taking a break or taking some vacation time off in order to get some rest and relaxation, then even though you may love music, it may become monotonous, boring, and a source of stress instead of pleasure. Read More

iPad Music Apps 2012

11/17/2012 |

We identified the best iPad music apps in 2012, so that all of you aspiring musicians and performers can refine your skills and become world-class artists in the comfort of your own home. Read More

About Pro Tools 10.2 update

06/04/2012 |

It’s time to write about Pro Tools 10.2 the new software update of the professional digital audio workstation (DAW) from Avid.  Read More

Pensados Place – Weekly show with Dave Pensado

07/07/2011 |

Legendary mixing engineer Dave Pensado worked with Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Michael Jackson and talks about music production techniques and interviews other well known music people in his weekly show „Pensados Place“. Read More

Buying Beats

06/16/2011 |

This article is about buying beats – Music as they say is exponential; it can inspire a person, it could move him, music in many ways and in many reasons could be the best thing that was given to society. Read More

Pro Tools 9, Cubase 6 and Logic Pro 9

05/26/2011 | 12

The Top 3 Digital Audio Workstations. Read More

Top 10 Tips for Songwriters by David Foster

05/20/2011 | 1

Legendary songwriter and music producer David Foster gave top 10 tips for songwriters and musicians at BMI Icon Award in Los Angeles. Read More