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Best I Apps Ever - My Longtime Favorites! -

  • On 06/20/2011

This is my personal Top 6 List of the best i apps I used over the last couple of years on my iPhone, my iPad and my Windows Phone 7.

Evernote is my personal #1 of my best i apps

Evernote Sync

I totally fell in love with Evernote. It’s a simple but effective app for multiple devices where you can write down and share your thoughts.

I run it on different devices like the iPhone, iPad, OS X and Windows 7.

It works flawless! There are no problems with synchronization of my notes and stay up-to-date.

The best features for musicians are to record voice notes, write lyrics and have them automatically synced to all devices.

New: Evernote is now available on Windows Phone 7 which is awesome!

Learn more about Evernote or start immediately and register an account.

– Youtube Video: Evernote Introduction


Today Facebook has 600 million active users and the community is still growing.

If you don’t know Facebook you must live on the moon. :-)

It is very comfortable to use a Facebook app like MyPad or Friendly. Facebook currently supports the iPhone and Android, but they also come up with their own iPad app soon.

Windows Phone 7 integrated Facebook and other social media streams directly into the contacts list which is awesome.

– Youtube Video: Facebook app on iPhone


To be honest, I tried so many different Twitter apps like Tweetdeck, HootSuite, Twitbird and Twitterrific but finally I go online to use their service, because it’s way easier to manager all my followers.

Mobile RSS Reader

Personally I like to have all my latest news and articles collected in one application.

Usually I subscribe to interesting web sites and and organize the RSS feeds with Google Reader and finally sync them automatically to the shiny Mobile RSS Reader.

Later I can read them on my mobile devices like this article: “best i apps”. :-)


I use Readitlater on a daily base. The idea behind this app is simple: If you are stumbling over an interesting article in the web, save it to the app and read it anywhere on any device, even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

This app works with many popular platforms and applications you may already use.

Good Reader

Good Reader is an extremely powerful app to read and edit PDF Documents, Pictures, Videos and other files. It also includes a file manager and supports lots of different web services to sync your documents online.

With Good Reader it is really easy to add short notes to documents and edit the content.

These are my personal best i apps. If you like them please share / like this article and subscribe to my rss feed or my newsletter!

What are your best i apps? Please comment and share your thoughts!



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