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Best DJ Apps For iOS

Best DJ Apps for iOS | Photo: DJ SAI by MIXTRIBE, on Flickr

Over the years, DJing with an iOS device has become very popular. There are many companies that have been releasing their own DJ apps.

You’ll find a lot of different options to choose from. It can be difficult to find the best one.

In this article, I’ll be going over 8 of my favorite DJ apps in the app store.

Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ has a user-friendly interface that makes it very simple to get started. Arguably, Traktor is the most used DJ software in the world. Traktor DJ is just the iOS version of their popular desktop software.

You get 2 virtual decks and channel mixer. Each of them has dedicated filter sections and a 3-band EQ. These features make it suitable for build-ups, continuous transitions, and breakdowns.

Overall, Traktor DJ is probably my favorite DJ app. The ease-of-use combined with the multitude of features makes for a great experience.

DJ Mixer 3

You can download DJ Mixer 3 for free, but it will be missing some features. With the free version you can only use a few of your songs to demo the app.

For $9.99, you will unlock many new features and will be allowed to use your full music library. An interesting feature added is the ability to mix music from sound cloud and Google Music. I’ve never used Google music before, but mixing from Soundcloud unlocks a ton of possibilities and saves you money by letting you access any song for free.

If you don’t want to be next to decks for the whole night, there is an autopilot mode that will do all the hard work of beat-matching and mixing for you.


The app comes with a lot of pre-bundled content from Snoop Dogg and VJ Loops among others.

With the many video transitions provided by the app, one can mix their videos dynamically. Some of these transitions include swap, cube, push, mosaic, grid, and blend.

This app is very fun to play around with. Maybe it’s not the best option for serious DJs, but you’ll be able to create very cool sounding mixes with little effort.

Audio-Visual Effects – the touchpad on this app is based on the intuitive 2D technology; this allows users to improve the sound and videos using readily available effects.

VJay also let’s you use iCloud to save your projects. There is an auto-save feature so that you’ll never lose your work.


DJay has a relatively easy-to-use interface.

Just like many other DJ apps, DJay has an auto-mix feature. If you want songs to mixed together automatically DJay will do all the hard work.

All of your mixes can easily be recorded and saved onto your device. You can pull the recordings off of your device through iTunes.

A unique feature of DJay is the control you get with gestures. For instance, to adjust the EQ one only has to perform a rotating gesture to bring up the EQ settings.

The design of this app is really appealing. The decks look like vinyl turntables and each record that gets put on a deck will have a different design based on your album artwork.


One of the most attractive features of this DJ app is it’s integration to Mixcloud. After you’re done recording a mix, you can upload it directly to Mixcloud.

You can even upload your mixes to Soundcloud and Dropbox. This is very handy because you’re most likely going to want to upload your mixes anyway.

The design of this app isn’t as appealing the other apps. I mainly picked this app because of it’s excellent integration with Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and Dropbox.


IDJ is another great option for DJs.

It has a very similar design to DeeJay. I think I like iDJ’s design slightly better.

IDJ’s music management is very smooth and nicely designed. It’s very easy to find the tracks you need.

You can use external DJ controllers with built-in soundcards to connect to speakers, or you can send your mix to speakers using Apple’s Airplay.

Cross DJ HD

Cross DJ HD app allows it’s users to record their mixes and later share them on SoundCloud.

You can mix, explore, and play other user’s mixes directly from the Cloud. This adds a whole social aspect to creating mixes in Cross DJ.

After you import songs from your library, it is then very easy to loop, scratch and mix your songs.

The design of the software is very simple and colorful. This also makes it easy to navigate through.

d(- -)b (AppBC)

This DJ app is a bit hard to pronounce because it’s name is a text emoji… Let’s just call it AppBC for now.

The app is .99 cents but has many in-app purchases to improve your experience. They are mostly for extra effects and such.

The design looks completely different than most other DJ apps. This might take a bit to get used to, but it makes for a very unique experience.

This article is a guest contribution from Doug Beney. If you enjoy this content, you might want to check out his blog,


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