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Become a professional Music Producer

How to Become a Professional Music Producer
  • On 02/07/2011

I show you how to become a professional music producer.Choose a market and know it well – for most of us, our target market is the town or city where we live.

There’s nothing to say you can’t have your market be somewhere else, but you’ll need the budget to spend a lot of time there. Knowing your market means knowing its venues, and knowing its local talent. Immerse yourself in the “scene”.

If you don’t already, start attending every performance you can.
Successful producers are not only makers of entertainment, they are consumers.
Attending lots of performances will help you separate real talent from weekend warriors, and will show you which bands and performers consistently bring out large local crowds. You’ll start to notice the attributes of artists with real potential, which is going to help you down the line when you start “breaking out” new talent.

Talk to bands and venue managers at each event you attend.
For performers, find out the minimum amount of money they’ll play a show for. With venues, find out how booked up they are, and what their policies for booking agents are. Once you’ve approached a band or venue manager and they seem open to working with you, add them to your portfolio. Potential talent is going to want to know what venues you can get them into. Venues are going to want to know what talent you can bring to the table.

Start learning about the recording studios in your area.
A simple call to a studio will probably get you a chance to attend a recording session. This will help you learn the recording process. If a professional producer is at the session, watch how he/she interacts with the talent and the engineer to help make everyone happy while achieving the desired result. Being a producer usually involves mediating between the talent and the technicians. Good producers get results by making everyone comfortable so that they can do their best.

You are a middle-man.
Prepare to show everyone how you can help them get what they want. Its the only way you’ll find success. Venues want to book talent that brings out large crowds. Talent wants to expose new audience to their music, sell lots of tickets, and make great records that get noticed.

Be creative & different as a professional music producer.
Just because you can remake songs doesn’t mean your are cut out for the industry. In fact you may be wasting the time of a client.

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