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AboutThomas Stermole - Music Producer & Songwriter



Thomas Stermole, super savvy music producer from Austria, who produced the song "Club Kung Fu" for Euro's hot all-girl band, Vanilla Ninja, back in 2002, has been turning out an array of chart-topping music in both Austria and Germany. As a music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and remixer, his genres include Pop, Hip Hop, Urban, Dance and RnB. About Thomas

Posts By Thomas

10 most influential females in pop music

12/12/2016 | 1

Here is the list of some of the most influential females in the history of pop music. A strong impact of these personalities on modern culture can hardly be overestimated.

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Being Top of the Charts at Christmas

12/12/2016 |

Christmas is of course a time for partying, and music is integral to that. In the UK becoming number 1 at Christmas charts has always been more important than to any other nation.

But will it always be so, or is … Read More

How to Excite the Crowd During a Gig

04/11/2016 |

As musicians, performers, and bandmates we dream of opening a gig to a packed house filled with screaming fans, jumping up and down with excitement. You can make this happen by tweaking your performance to engage your audience. With these helpful tips from experienced musicians, you can make the dream of performing to an excited, engaged audience come true too.  Read More

Best Songs of 2015

01/28/2016 |

It is that time of the year when everyone is in reflection about the highs and lows of the year. It is also at this point that everyone can have a look at all that is good that happened or … Read More

DJ Superstars Taking Over the Music World

01/28/2016 |

DJ Superstars Taking Over the Music World

They don’t sing, they don’t dance and they don’t play instruments, yet there are some musical performers out there who get payed millions for what they do. To the unskilled viewer, thousands dance … Read More

Hiring the Best Wedding DJ and Things to Consider

06/19/2015 | 2

Unquestionably wedding DJ plays a major role in making the wedding function very live and memorable. Here I am suggesting some of the things to consider whilst hiring the best wedding DJ. Read More

Best DJ Apps For iOS

03/25/2015 |

Over the years, DJing with an iOS device has become very popular. There are many companies that have been releasing their own DJ apps. Read More

Choosing Your First Guitar

02/16/2015 | 1

Buying your first guitar is an exciting time for anyone but there are many things that you need to be aware of and look for when choosing your first guitar. Read More

5 Biggest Mistakes Musicians Make

02/03/2015 |

Get a Grip

Like it or not, record labels, publishers, and agents all treat music as a business. Being in business means bearing risk and people who bear risk expect predictable returns that justify their efforts. Read More

Top 10 Drummers

11/21/2014 |

Rolling Stones proclaims them to be “the best drummers of all time.” Read More