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Music iPad Apps - Top 10 List Every Musician Should Know

  • On 03/22/2011

I decided to collect the best music ipad apps for you because the iPad is becoming an indispensable tool for most people as its various applications are making life both easier and fun.For musicians, there are quite a number of apps available out there that aid in creating outstanding music iPad apps.

We’ve scoured the net for new music iPad apps and found some really amazing apps you wouldn’t want to miss.

Here is our list of The Top 10 Apps Every Musician Should Know


Rebirth iPad

Originally a software synthesizer from the 1990s, this version, designed specifically for the iPad, is said to faithfully emulate the backbone of dance music: the Roland TB-303 Bass synth, Roland TR-808 and Roland TR-809. Musicians can take advantage of its multi-touch support and features including two classic drum machines, two bass synthesizers and step sequencers. Its one-click sharing option is an added plus that is useful for collaborations. This is one of my favorite music ipad apps.

Youtube Video: Rebirth for iPad

Korg iMS-20

Korg iMS-20 iPad

A full recreation of Korg MS-20, iMS-20’s features include a built-in 16-step analog sequencer for better sound control, a six-part drum machine and mixer, Kaoss Pad function and the ability to publish and share songs online through the SoundCloud audio platform. This app will transform your iPad into a very cool studio, perfect for modern musicians.

Youtube Video:
Youtube Video:

Sonoma StudioTrack

Sonoma StudioTrack iPad

Equipped with built-in mic and headphones, this is a powerful tool for any songwriter. It supports wav, mp3 and aiff formats for file import and export, records up to 8 tracks plus its metronome includes beats from Jason McGerr. Other features include audio copy, bounce and mix, input monitoring, MasterFX, TrackFX, calibrated meters and faders, output compressor-limiter and master channel.

Youtube Video:


GrooveMaker iPad

This app provides a convenient mixer-like environment through its features and functions. Aside from its multi-touch surface, it also has a large slider volume control, 8 controllable loop tracks in both pan and master levels and groove pads that allow instant browsing through hundreds of grooves. This is definitely an app for remixing, loop mixing and beatbox.

Youtube Video:


Looptastic iPad

Looptastic makes a great live looping tool. It allows the creation of live remixes by placing and mixing loops in real time, and with a huge library of free downloadable loop set, you need not even worry where to start. From this, sequencing loops plus adding effects can create a professional and high quality sound.

Youtube Video:

AC-7 Pro

AC-7 Pro iPad

This is an app used in music mixing and recording sessions. Its features include two-way WiFi communication, 9 multitouch “flying faders” (with 14 bit subpixel resolution), per track level meters, time display for SMPTE or bars/beats and automatically updated track names. It has a dedicated mode for Apple’s Logic, MOTU’s Digital Performance and ProTools.

Youtube Video:


TabToolkit iPad

This is a guitar tablature app that shows the exact finger positions on strings, a good alternative to standard musical notation. Built-in features include metronome with the ability to vary playback speed, easy file loading features, fretboard and keyboard modes and plays music in real time. The only downside to this app is its inability to create tab files.

Youtube Video:

Synth by Retronyms

Synth by Retronyms iPad

Inspired by Casio SK-1, this app features a 5-note polyphonic synthesizer based on a MIDI keyboard, internal sampler, built-in instruments, five control knobs, modulation wheel and a “sample record” button.

Youtube Video:

Pianist Pro

Pianist Pro iPad

With photorealistic graphics, this app is certainly handy. Its features include an arpeggiator, drum machine for rhythm accompaniment, single and dual keyboard modes and Line 6 MIDI mobilize.

Youtube Video:


Polychord iPad

This app allows the easy creation of chord progressions and melodies plus the accompaniment of drums, bass and arpeggios. This can also be used as a MIDI controller for various audio environments such as Logic, ProTools and Ableton Live.

Youtube Video:

With the help of these apps, making music becomes easier.

Especially a good fit to musicians who are always on the go, these music ipad apps will allow making great songs anytime inspiration strikes.

Are you using cool Music iPad Apps too?
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  2. Thanks, NewTechAudio!

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  4. Developers from Wiksnet Inc has released MIDI Studio, a new MIDI controller app for iPad and iPhone.
    Release Date: Arp 23, 2012

    MIDI Studio Features:

    True Velocity Sensitive (with the force of impact)
    Modulation (X&Y)
    Drum pads (with velocity)
    Knobs/Buttons + Keys
    Touch pads
    Two Keyboards
    Different Keys Size
    Custom Key Scale – (Like: Major, Minor, Klezmer, etc…)
    MIDI Studio is $10.99 in the App Store.

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