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Music for Film and TV |

  • On 02/26/2011

Imagine watching tv or film without sound effects or background music. I think that’s really hard to do. Music for tv and music for film are staples in any production.Music was originally used in television shows and movies to cover up the clanking sound of the devices used.

Until today, music is still being incorporated in television shows and movies but for another purpose.

Music completes our viewing experience by making the show or film livelier.
It adds color and magic to the production and it also effectively serves as a cue—timed to begin and end at specific points during the show.
In this way, it enhances the narrative and the emotional impact of the scene.
The audience responds according to the emotions that the music evokes in them.

Finding music for tv and film productions at offers tv and film producers a wide range of musical styles and genres to choose from.

Simply, browse the ever expanding music catalog and find the most suitable music for your tv or film production.

Preview the tracks by pressing the play button beside it and apply for the appropriate license by clicking on ‘license’ and filling out the form with appropriate information.

Finding music for tv or music for film has never been easier!

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