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Hiring the Best Wedding DJ and Things to Consider

06/19/2015 |

Unquestionably wedding DJ plays a major role in making the wedding function very live and memorable. Here I am suggesting some of the things to consider whilst hiring the best wedding DJ. Read More

Best DJ Apps For iOS

03/25/2015 |

Over the years, DJing with an iOS device has become very popular. There are many companies that have been releasing their own DJ apps. Read More

Choosing Your First Guitar

02/16/2015 |

Buying your first guitar is an exciting time for anyone but there are many things that you need to be aware of and look for when choosing your first guitar. Read More

5 Biggest Mistakes Musicians Make

02/03/2015 |

Get a Grip

Like it or not, record labels, publishers, and agents all treat music as a business. Being in business means bearing risk and people who bear risk expect predictable returns that justify their efforts. Read More

Top 10 Drummers

11/21/2014 |

Rolling Stones proclaims them to be “the best drummers of all time.” Read More

The Perfect Practice Space

11/20/2014 |

Sometimes the creative personality is stereotyped as an unstable, disheveled and disorganized individual. Read More

Importance of Music Subject in Current Education System

06/10/2014 | 1

Music is an important component in human being’s life. Read More

Acoustic Music: A Simple yet Beautiful Musical Experience

05/12/2014 |

Acoustic music, which is actually interchangeable to the word “unplugged,” refers to music rendered naturally, without the use of electronics – electronic keyboards, amplifiers or any instrument that is plugged into an electric circuit.  Read More

Stereo Heads for Cars

10/18/2013 |

Driving a car is not always a pleasant experience especially as you drive home after a very tiring day at work. Listening to a great sound as you drive along, can bring a breath of life, and a fresh and relaxing perspective. Read More

Tips for Producing Acoustic Music

08/25/2013 |

Music makes the soul thrive and motivates so many people. No matter the mood one is in, there is always a song that can be related to and motivated upon. However, are you tired of being motivated or relating to music artists and ready to begin putting yourself out there – producing your own music? It might be a tiring process, but as an artist just beginning, you will need to learn an acoustic approach.  Read More