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iPad Music Apps 2012 |

On the Music Path for iPad eTuner iPad App musician's practice journal karajan pro ipad

We identified the best iPad music apps in 2012, so that all of you aspiring musicians and performers can refine your skills and become world-class artists in the comfort of your own home.

Top 10 List of iPad Music Apps for beginners and professional musicians 2012

1. Metronome

This is a universal app which will be appreciated by all musicians. The metronome helps to keep time and is advanced enough for professional musicians. Its features include: 35 different time signatures, a voice count feature, various sound sets, and set list management. A practical and accessible app!

Metronome on iTunes

2. Musician’s Practice Journal

This is like an online diary that tracks your musical progress. It maps your daily routine, tracks your progress and identifies any gaps i.e. pieces you haven’t practiced for a while. Other features include how long you play for, and the speeds you play at. This is a great, practical organizational app.

musician's practice journal

Musician’s Practice Journal on iTunes

3. On The Music Path

This is a brilliant educational app, which will assist you to learn a new instrument, or develop your existing skills. Features include music lessons and tutorials from some of the world’s greatest musicians.

On the Music Path for iPad

On The Music Path on iTunes

4. Looptastic

This is a great way to automate looping which is used in performances. Its features include creating amazing live remixes in real time, a catalogue of tracks and loops to choose from, and add effects.

Looptastic on iTunes

5. Studio.HD

An app that lets you record, edit and mix up to 24 tracks. Other features include the ability to record vocals using the built in microphone, sound editor design, and several loops available to you, across all genres.

Studio.HD on iTunes

6. eTuner

This app allows you to tune your instruments. It is simple, interactive and works with string, brass, and wind instruments. Features include the display of the note that is most closely matched to the pitch you’re playing, easy-to-read graphs to help you get tune your notes just right.

eTuner iPad App

eTuner on iTunes

7. Magic Piano

This app transforms your screen into a keyboard. Features include playing some of the best-known tracks, your own tracks and duet-ting with other app users globally.

Magic Piano on iTunes

8. Karajan Pro

For beginners or musicians who struggle with musical theory. Features include helping you learn to play and to recognize various chords, pitch, sales, tempo, and musical signatures, and track your progress.

karajan pro ipad

Karajan Pro – Music Ear Trainer on iTunes

9. Djay

This app essentially transforms your iPad into a full DJ-system. The app integrates your music library, letting you mix tracks wherever you are. Features include looping, live recording, scratching, pitch bend, and other effects.

Djay on iTunes

10. StompBox

This app puts the power of a professional digital effects unit into your iPad. It means you can create guitar effects by patching together any of the 17 digital effect modules including delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, etc. Additional features include being able to record four-track loops and playback via an external amp.

StompBox on iTunes

There are an abundance of additional apps available, therefore the type of musician that you are and the music that you want to play will all drive your preferences for individual apps. Their price range is anything from £1 to £100. Even if you have no musical experience, set yourself some time aside at Christmas and teach yourself how to play a musical instrument!

Music has dramatically changed

The way we listen to music has changed dramatically in the last few decades. It seems a long time ago that a record player and vinyl’s were the method of choice.
Fast-forward 30 years through cassettes and CDs and you arrive at the current trend for downloading music over the Internet.

The most popular devices are iOS devices, or in other words, Apple devices i.e. iPod, iPad, iPhone etc. Many users want to take this one step further by accessing ‘apps’ for a number of reasons. Let’s explore this concept. All of the Apple products, the one that is experiencing the highest growth phase is the iPad.

Interesting facts about the iPad:

The iPad completely dominates the tablet market, which is illustrated by some the statistics found on Factbrowser:

  • Apple’s iPad accounted for 64.4% of tablet shipments in 2012
  • The iPad accounts for 59% of tablet traffic, vs 25% for Amazon’s Kindle Fire and 10% for the Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • The iPad has over 90% of the tablet market in the UK (93.1%), Australia (93.2%), Ireland (90.2%), New Zealand (90.6%), Sweden (91.2%), Norway (92.7%), Denmark (95.0%), Iceland (93.6%), and Switzerland (91.7%)
  • For every Android tablet in use today in the world, there are 6.6 iPads
  • Tablet PCs, such as Apple’s iPad, are expected to be the growth driver for the mobile PC market over the next few years
  • The number of iPad users in the US will rise by over 90% in 2012 to 53.2M
  • 14% of U.S. consumers say they are somewhat likely to purchase an “iPad mini,” if such a device is released Apple’s iPad has transformed the way musicians can listen and make their music.

About The Author: Oliver Carding is content writer from The UK, he writes for a number of websites and has written this post on behalf of

Do you know more awesome iPad Music Apps? Please share your thoughts!


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