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How to Excite the Crowd During a Gig |

Excite Crowd | Music (c) Unsplash // Desi Mendoza
  • On 04/11/2016

As musicians, performers, and bandmates we dream of opening a gig to a packed house filled with screaming fans, jumping up and down with excitement. You can make this happen by tweaking your performance to engage your audience. With these helpful tips from experienced musicians, you can make the dream of performing to an excited, engaged audience come true too. 

Location, Location, Location

No matter where you are in the world, one of the easiest ways to grab the audience’s attention is by using your current location to relate to them. If you’re in another country and they speak a different language, try to speak their native tongue. The audience will appreciate your efforts to communicate with them.

If your song lyrics include city names, try changing the name to where you’re performing. It’s ok if it doesn’t rhyme or sounds awkward with the tune, because it will draw the audience’s attention to the city name.

Another easy way to captivate the audience is through the hearts of their home town. Talk about a local place you went to on your way in. You can bring up the cool coffee shop you went to around the corner, or something you like about the location. By making the effort to compliment the audience’s city, you are also complimenting the audience!

The Feels

When you address the audience, try to talk to them like you’re talking to one individual. If possible, try to make eye contact with a few in the crowd. Using the word “you” is one of the easiest ways to connect. This will make your gig seem more intimate and will also be more engaging.

I love to share the background of a song I wrote. This is especially helpful if the crowd isn’t familiar with your music. By sharing your emotional ties to the song, you are also sharing some of the intimate details of your life. This helps the audience connect to your music.

Try relating to common issues that people have. One of the easiest is love. This is pretty much guaranteed to hit a chord with every audience member. If you’re married, you’re thinking about how to keep the love alive. If you’re single, you’re wondering when love will come. If you’re young, well, you just love everything.

Check In

If you aren’t checking in with people, you risk losing their attention. Ask people how they are doing, and if they are doing alright. Showing this tiny bit of concern will ensure you are continuing to captivate your audience.

You’ve been to huge concerts and the lead singer will ask the audience members in the back to sing a chorus, or put their hands in the air. This is an easy way to pull people back into your music. You can do this regardless of the number of people in your audience.

Have Fun

Excitement is contagious. If you’re pumped and having a good time, the audience will too! Play with confidence and don’t try to be someone that you aren’t. Even if it’s your very first gig, you can congratulate the audience for experiencing your first performance.

Give it your all. If you aren’t completely exhausted by the end of your show, you aren’t doing it right. Play your heart out and have a good time. You can try to spice up the show a bit by doing a cover song or moving off the stage. Going into the audience and walking around while playing is a great way to get people excited.

Having fun is the most important way to excite your audience during a gig. You’re performing and creating music, because it’s fun! By using these simple tips to captivate your audience, you’ll have more people buying your albums, and coming to your future shows! Pretty soon you’ll be playing for a packed house, or going on tour in another continent.

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Guest Post Author: Colleen

Colleen has a passion for guitars and ukuleles. She enjoys jamming, teaching, and getting others  involved in music. Her website,, focuses specifically on guitars and ukes.

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