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Acoustic Music: Beautiful Musical Experience |

Acoustic Music

Acoustic music, which is actually interchangeable to the word “unplugged,” refers to music rendered naturally, without the use of electronics – electronic keyboards, amplifiers or any instrument that is plugged into an electric circuit. 

The word “acoustic” is taken from the Latin word that means ear canal. It was originally used to differentiate music played on acoustic guitars as against those played with electric guitars. At present, it encompasses a wide range of music genres from indie pop to jazz, blues, rock, country and more.

It is said that music is the food for the soul and spirit. Music has the power to uplift and stir the hearts and minds of the listeners, inspiring them to heights unknown. Acoustic music is one example of rendering music that reaches the soul with its simplicity.

For many people, the combination of too many sounds becomes a distraction to the lyrics and melody of a song as well as the singer’s voice. An acoustic version of a song, the simpler and purer sound of it, becomes a real delight to genuine music lovers. This is one reason why many musicians and singers include an acoustic version of their songs in their albums or they create music videos of the acoustic rendition of a featured song for uploading on YouTube just like the music video for Laura Hill’s song ‘By My Side’, from the album ‘Over My Shoulder.’

Some of the most well-known acoustic musicians in Australia are:

Laura Hill

Laura Hill is a lovely singer from South Australia famous for her dynamic outlook in life, delightful humor and captivating singing voice. She is a talented live performer and songwriter whose acoustic style shifts between blues and melodious folk that makes her audience imagine “blue skies, crystal clear ocean waters, and the excitement of the open road ahead.” In March 2013, she released her LP “Blue Skies” to an SRO audience at “The Garden of Unearthly Delights” in Rundle Park, East Terrace, Adelaide. “Blue Skies” showcases her gift as a lyrical songwriter: building on and embodying her genuine legendary style just as her earlier albums “The Guava Tree” (2011) and “Over My Shoulder”(2009). .

Jesse Davidson

This 17-year old singing wonder from Adelaide sings soulful and haunting tunes and has been compared to the likes of Jeff Buckley, James Blake and Chet Faker. He was a finalist of the Triple J Unearthed 2013 after his songs “Winter” and “Flaws” were given extensive airplay on Triple J.
Traveller and Fortune

Traveller and Fortune is a band of multi-instrumentalists that creates and renders songs that are now and again uplifting and occasionally moody but rich with melody and harmony. Their performances are candid and fine-tuned but retain the same warmth and spontaneity of their performances when they first started in Adelaide’s low-lit bars. Their self titled LP was released in 2010 and was received enthusiastically earning the band recognition on the “Home and Hosed” program of Triple J. Since then, the band’s popularity grew across Australia and beyond.

Kaurna Cronin

Kaurna Cronin got an award from the Fowlers Live Music Awards for the “Best Acoustic Act” for 2013. Kaurna Cronin and his band has performed all over Australia and Europe in the past three years polishing their art by performing in festivals, unlikely venues and even on the streets. They are set to release their single in May this year to be followed in June / July by an Australian National tour and European tour.

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